Candy Beard – Female Filmmaker

I have loved working with Candy Beard on several projects. She is truly a gem.

Sharon Wilharm

The faith-based world can be a pretty small community, especially for filmmakers who film in neighboring states. The same actors work on films in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. I first learned of Candy Beard from actors who were working on one of our films and had worked on hers in the past. Then I met Candy in person at the MayDay Film Festival in Kentucky. Our paths keep crossing as we continue our journey through the film festival circuit.

Candy Beard - female filmmakerFirst, introduce yourself and your film background.
My name is Candy Beard and I reside in Terre Haute, Indiana. I started my company, Dreams Come True Films in June 2011. I am the screenwriter and executive producer of all our films. I have no formal training, but I love what I do and I feel this is God’s calling on my life, so I continue through the good times and the…

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