ICRS 2013: Mike Nawrocki – Co-Creator of Veggie Tales

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Faith Flix had opportunity to visit with Mike Nawrocki at the recent International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. Here he shares about the history of Veggie Tales, the 20th Anniversary, and two upcoming videos.

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Happy Memorial Weekend!!

To some, this is the beginning of the summer season.

To others, it’s the end of the school year.

And although both are somewhat true, the real purpose of this weekend’s holiday is to say “Thank You” to the families of those who have lost family members in service to our great nation (USA).  And yes, I count myself in that category.

Although I was never privileged to know my Great Uncle Cloyd A. Bowyer, I heard many a great story from my dad about he and his twin brother, Floyd.  They were only 1 year older than my dad, and were more like brothers to him, than uncles.

Uncle Cloyd was in service during WWII, when he was killed in Italy in 1943.  My dad was serving in France at the time, and was devastated when he heard the news.  And to make matters worse, his twin, Floyd had died in 1942, in a racing accident.  So now, both twins were gone.

But even though I did not get the chance to get to know my twin uncles, I am still proud of the members of my family that have served in the military over the years.  And thankfully, Great Uncle Cloyd Avery Bowyer is the only one of which I am aware that was killed in action.  I am blessed indeed.

In addition to Uncle Cloyd & my dad, James Marion Sisson, I had two other uncles that served during WWII – A. Eugene Angle & Melvin Victor Angle, my mother’s brothers.  Thankfully, they all returned home physically safely.

For those of you who have lost military family members, you have my prayers & condolences.

For those of you who have currently active family members, you have my prayers for their safety.

And for all who have members of their family, or they themselves, who have served in the armed forces of our country, you have my sincere & enthusiastic THANKS.  God bless you for your service & selflessness to protect our freedoms.Cloyd Bowyer & Marilou Smith Reason


Now Casting – Summer of 67

Fred & Sharon are at it again. Can’t wait to see what they do with this new project. I know Sharon has been writing & rewriting this one for a while. She is amazing as a writer/director & Fred is an amazing Cinematographer. The two together tell amazing stories. You should check them all out.

Faith Flix

After each movie I always say that’s it. No more movies. And I mean it.  I honestly thought Providence was our last movie. It screened in AMC theaters in L.A., Times Square, and my hometown of Destin, Florida. It exceeded our grandest expectations with countless awards and positive reviews. How could we possibly top that? Why even try?

But last summer God began nudging us and letting us know that we weren’t through yet. He’d taken our little faith-based silent love story and used it to speak to audiences. Now it was time for a more traditional movie with dialogue. So for the past eight months, I’ve been working on the script. It’s a work in progress, but we are now at the point where we’re ready to begin casting.

casting-announcement-1Summer of 67 is definitely our most ambitious project ever. It is based on true events and incorporates my love…

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GloryReelz Christian Film Festival 2016

Had a wonderful time with Fred & Sharon Wilharm at this, my very first film festival. And made several new friends, too. Can’t wait until next year’s GloryReelz Christian Film Festival.

Faith Flix

This weekend we headed north to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the annual GloryReelz Christian Film Festival. It was a jam packed day of workshops, screenings, meals, and fellowshipping.

Sharon Wilharm with actresses Rebecca Huey and Brenda Reutebuch Sharon Wilharm with actresses Rebecca Huey and Brenda Reutebuch

We kicked off the day with Doc Benson’s workshop on budgeting. While we know a thing or two about budgets, we still learned more. My favorite takeaway was the importance of a Face on the Box, casting familiar faces that can be featured on the DVD cover.

Doc Benson and his wife Annette Doc Benson and his wife Annette

Next on the agenda, I taught my workshop on Raising the Bar; Making Your Microbudget Movie Look Like a Million. Whereas Doc focused on how to cut costs, I explained how to make the most of your limited budget and make your movie look the best it can.

Following my workshop was a film panel discussion that I participated…

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Brenda Jo Reutebuch – Vocalist and Actress

It was an honor getting to work with Fred & Sharon Wilharm. I can’t wait to get to do it all over again. The film Providence is now released into select AMC Theatres, as of February 12, 2016. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. It’s already won awards at the first film festival into which it was entered – Best Director, Best Lyrical Music, Best Story.

Faith Flix

I had the privilege of having Brenda Jo Reutebuch a part of the cast of Providence. The first thing you notice about Brenda on set is her professionalism. She comes prepared, with a vision for ways to make the most of her character. She also reaches out to other actors who might not have her experience and she shepherds them, guiding them to help them perform at their best as well. 

brenda Katie Elaine Photography

Tell us about your musical background.

Wow, I’ve been singing since I was old enough to stand on the church pew with a hymnal, but didn’t sing my first solo until 6th grade. I’m the youngest of four girls, all of whom can sing. I used to joke that by the time I came around, I just had to figure out what part was left and sing that one. I attended St. Paul Bible College…

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Theater, Commercial, TV & Film pics

These are various photos and stills from 2011-2012.
(from left to right, top to bottom) Godspell, Love Of A Lifetime, How To Survive The End Of The World, Hometown Holidays, Katie Elaine Photo, Hometown Holidays, At The Foot Of The Rainbow, Vanished, Dan Reutebuch Photo, It’s A Wonderful Life, Katie Elaine Photo, Travel Refreshed, Old Folks Like Us, BJR Photography, Dreams Come True Films, Theater Rehearsal